We offer a wide variety of activities for our students. Whether you are interested in athletics, the arts, or social clubs and community service, our school has opportunities for you.   Extracurricular activities promote intellectual curiosity, creativity, compassion, and a strong work ethic.  By doing extracurricular activities, a student can expand their social circle, develop new skills, and become better problem solvers. Research shows that students who do extracurricular activities tend to do better in the classroom, too. More information can be found on the grade level Google Classroom or by contacting the school directly.


Black Voices


Black voices is a group for students that identify as Black or from the African Diaspora to have a voice.  It is a safe space for them to express their experiences, discuss topics of interest, participate in workshops/guest speakers, attend "field trips'' and learn more about their histories, cultures and any other issues related to being Black in Canada. (This council was previously known as ACC)

Council Advisor: Ms. Hadaway

Student Leader(s): TBD

Book Club


Council Advisor: Mrs.J. Smith

Student Leader(s): TBD



Intramurals, athletic banquet, etc

Council Advisor: MrsCampbell, Mrs.Mitchell

Student Leader(s): TBD

Dance Council


Dance council supports the dance program, as well as promotes dance awareness. We welcome any and all students to participate as there is no dance experience required; there is no actual dancing involved. This council plans and prepares events run by the Dunbarton dance department, as well as supports the dance team by creating costumes, selecting songs, and more. 

Council Advisor: Ms. Hadaway

Student Leaders: Kelly Matthews (President), Isabella Sanchez (Vice-President), Maia Bridger (Secretary), Marissa Laird (Tech)

Dance Team


Dance team is a group of students with a passion for dance. This team is open to anyone, regardless of age or ability. In the dance team, we prepare and learn new choreography and perform it for school events such as pep rallies, spirit weeks, holidays, and other events at Dunbarton. We are an inclusive student body that maintains a positive and fun environment for all students.

Council Advisor: Ms. Hadaway

Student Leaders: Kelly Matthews (President), Isabella Sanchez (Vice-President), Maia Bridger (Secretary), Marissa Laird (Tech)

Days for Girls


Days for Girls is an international non-profit organization fighting period poverty and helping to promote reusable period products in order to reduce global waste. Our mission is to have menstrual equity everywhere. Access to clean and readily available menstrual products is a right. Join us on Wednesday’s in room 705 at 12:50 :)

Council Advisors: Ms. Parfitt

Student Leader(s): Niala Samlalsingh and Sahar Yusufi

Dungeons and Dragons Club


D&D club meets once a week in the library to have some fun playing Dungeons and Dragons. All are welcome, no experience required!

Council Advisors: Mr. Vandendool, Ms. Kosh, Mr. Depuis

Student Leader(s): Emma Vandendool

Environment Council

Provide environmentally minded and sustainable solutions for the school.  Implement school & community-based enviro projects, emphasis on sustainable living, nature preservation, and climate justice.


Council Advisors: Mrs.Young, Mr.Brunette

Student Leader(s): TBD





The GSA is a student-run club that unites LGBTQ+ and allied youth to build community and organize around issues impacting them in our school and community.  Direct action can come in many forms, including anti-slur campaigns, days of LGBTQ+ sensitivity or awareness, teacher training, and lobbying sessions to let school district officials know what they need to live authentically and thrive in school.

Council Advisors: Ms.Demaray & Mr. Jones

Student Leader(s): TBD

Girl Talk


Girl Talk is a safe space for members to share and discuss their experiences from the female perspective. We aim to develop supportive networks amongst one another and within the community, experience leadership opportunities and strengthen self-advocacy skills.

Council Advisors: Ms. Kolinas, Ms. Brock, Ms. Abel

Student Leader(s): Danielle Shanahan & Naiomi Pyatt

Grade 9 Council


Grade 9 Council is not only a welcoming environment, it’s a place for Grade 9’s to build skills and meet new people! As a council, we organize fundraisers, events, and other activities to help raise money and build school spirit. Our council allows all of our members to take part in planning and organizing our events to ensure everyone is always included. Grade 9 council will strengthen your leadership, communication, and collaboration skills. If you want to meet new people, and be a part of making Dunbarton great for everyone, Grade 9 council is the place for you! Join us every Thursday at lunch! 

Council Advisors: Mrs. Palmer Woods

Student Leader(s): Alexandra Papadolias, Malaika Robinson-Mukandila, Sanaa Maudoudi & Georgia Hurd

The Hang Out

 Social club with a focus on fostering social connections, inclusivity, and acceptance for students with special education needs.

Council Advisors: T.Jerome, 

Student Leader(s): TBD

Impact Council


IMPACT Christian Council exists to make a positive impact on the school and community. We meet weekly to share & to plan events. Our largest yearly endeavour is the 2 week Santa Cause fundraising event each December in coordination with all the amazing councils in the school. Proceeds go to charitable organizations within our community such as Herizon House and St. Paul's food bank.  Everyone is welcome to attend!

Council Advisors: Mrs.Aziz

Student Leader(s): TBD



Through this program, grade 9 & 10 Students will be matched with a peer mentor - Grade 11 or 12 students.  Our mentors have valuable insight into the DHS experience, how to get involved, and knowledge of DHS supports, services and resources.  Registration for the program on a first-come-first-serve basis. We will begin matching in early October. Once you're matched, you will receive an invite to our mentorship program in Student Success where you will connect weekly with your mentor and have access to a network of fellow mentees and mentors!

Council Advisors: Mrs.Demaray, Ms.Palmer-Woods, Ms.Mulvihill, Ms.Mitchell & Mrs.Parfitt

Student Leader(s): TBD

Mural Club


In this club students of all grades work together in collaboration to make murals to be hung up in the hallways of our school. 

Council Advisors: Ms. Bilinskis

Student Leader(s): Alisha Ahmad

Music Council


Welcome to the Music Council! Music Council is open to students of all grades and runs throughout the whole school year! Our job is to help plan, organize, and promote events in our department! We meet every Monday at lunch in room 739, and are so excited to meet our new members this year! See you there!!

Council Advisors: Lisa Barth

Student Leader(s): Laura White, Irene Kalogridis 


Peer Tutoring


If you are having difficulty in one or more of your courses, the Peer Tutoring Program may be of benefit to you.  Dunbarton’s Peer Tutoring Program is designed to facilitate the provision of one-on-one peer-led tutoring sessions for grade 9 & 10 students who request course-specific help.  

Council Advisors: Mrs.Demaray

Student Leader(s): TBD

Philosophy Club


Council Advisors: Mr.Dougall

Student Leader(s): Gabrielle Bridi

Presidents Council

The Presidents of each club and council come together to discuss ways to improve our school community.  This group organizes the school’s activities calendar, plans whole-school events and discusses student issues and concerns

Council Advisors: Mrs.Demaray, Ms.Young, Ms.Campbell, & Ms.Nelson

Student Leader(s): Maryam Ismail

Programming Club

Programming fun and prep for contests

Council Advisors: Ms.Kosh

Student Leader(s): TBD

Prom Committee


Planning Prom 2022

Council Advisors: Mrs.Young & Mrs Jewer

Student Leader(s): TBD


SLC (Service Leadership Club

We are excited to announce that the Service Leadership Club (SLC) is starting up this year! This club will be a combination of STOP and SOS, with a focus on spreading positivity. We invite any students who want to become more involved at school and develop their leadership skills to join. Throughout the year, we will organize many important events around Dunbarton, participate in charity events, and work to spread positivity at our school.  It’s open to all students, with no application necessary. We encourage all interested in joining to please meet on Friday in room 414 @ 1:00 pm. 

Council Advisors: Mme Demary, Mr Kwon

Student Leader(s): Jessica Bissoon, Rahitha Ramachanthiran, Paige Mcfarland, Chushanti Persaud and Sophie Zhang


Council Advisors:  Ms. Pathmamathan & Ms.Russell

Student Council

SAC devotes itself to creating a positive school environment at DHS.  The council runs school spirit, community service, mental-health, and leadership events throughout the year.  SAC also runs the Student Senate and acts as the voice of our students at the Board Office.

Council Advisors: Mme Demary, Mr.Smith

Student Leader(s): Maryam Ismail

Social Justice Council

Council Advisors: Mr.Jones & Ms.Mulvihill

Student Leader(s): Rhea Jandu & Maya Sinha

Spoken Word

Students learn the freeing and expressive art of Spoken Word

Council Advisors: Mrs. Papadopoulos

Student Leader(s): TBD

Trivia Club

We play trivia games and go to Reach for the Top tournament at Durham College.  Reach teams represent their schools in a fast-paced trivia challenge testing both their knowledge and speed of recall.

Council Advisors: Mr.Smith

Student Leader(s): TBD

Yearbook Club

Yearbook Club is currently a class of students, taught by Ms. Morrison. We design the entire yearbook, including the layouts, cover, and additional clip art. Our goal is to document DHS happenings from PJ day to Rugby Matches! Currently, Yearbook Club is only open to the students who took the course, but stay tuned for more information once quad one is finished:) Yearbooks are for sale on SchoolCashOnline for $41 until December 17th. Buy yours before October 22nd though, and you’ll receive a free t-shirt with your purchase!

Council Advisors: Ms. Morrison

Student Leader(s): Isabella Sanchez and Esmé Hotta-Erlach

Co-Ed Tennis
Boys Golf - Stroke Play
Girls Golf - Stroke Play
Co-Ed Cross Country 
Girls Rugby 7's
Girls Basket Ball
Girls Field Hockey
Boys Rubgy 7's 
Boys Valleyball
Boys Soccer

Co-Ed Badminton
Co-Ed Swimming
Girls hockey
Girls Volleyball
Boys Hockey
Boys Basketball

Co-Ed Track and Field
Co-Ed Ultimate Frisbee
Co-Ed Golf - Match Play
Girls Rugby 15
Girls Soccer
Boys Rugby 15
Boys Basball