About Us

Dunbarton High School is located in Pickering, Ontario and serves students in Grade 9 through Grade 12.

Mission Statement

Dunbarton High School Believes in supportive, open, and meaningful evaluation of students and recognizes that achievement extends beyond the academic domain.

On assessment and evaluation, the Ministry of Education (Growing Success) states the primary purpose of assessment and evaluation is to improve student learning. Information gathered through assessments helps teachers to determine student’s strengths and weaknesses in their achievement of curriculum expectations in each course. Assessment and evaluation of student achievement serves to guide teachers in adapting curriculum and instructional approaches to student’s needs, an opportunity to think critically about their methods of instruction, and the overall effectiveness of programs and classroom practices.  Teachers and principals will systematically review course content, instructional strategies and assessment procedures and make the program changes as needed to improve their student’s achievement. Dunbarton High School will hold annual reviews.

By the board regulation #5124, the Durham District School Board is committed to the high quality assessment, evaluation and reporting of the student achievement as a crucial part of improving student learning.

The Ministry policy highlights that “assessment and evaluation will be based on the provincial curriculum of expectations and achievement levels outlined in the assessment policy document and the curriculum policy document for each discipline for Grades 9-12”

Learning skills will be assessed regularly and objectively according to the criteria that have been communicated clearly to the students.  The student’s learning skills will be reported using four level key (E-Excellent, G-Good, S-satisfactory, N-Needs Improvement) Parents and student should expect a course outline sheet from each subject area which includes an assessment evaluation break down.

Principal's message

Welcome to Dunbarton High School!

On behalf of the staff and administration, it is a great pleasure to be welcoming you to a new school year. If you are new to the school, the staff look forward to you becoming a part of the great academic and co-curricular traditions found at our school.  Dunbarton High School is renowned for its unwavering strength of commitment on the part of staff, students and parents to the work of the school and the community of Pickering. With the strong support of staff, parents and community, students at Dunbarton High School have distinguished themselves through excellence in academic achievement, artistic expression and on the playing field. The school community is committed to ensuring that Dunbarton High School remains a safe, orderly and enjoyable place to attend each day. Dunbarton High School is the kind of place where specific needs are met and opportunities provided for self-actualization and the realization of potential.

On behalf of the staff, I wish for you a strong sense of purpose and meaningful accomplishment.

Have a great school year!

Lucia Sharp, Principal.