Summary of School Improvement Plan

The School Improvement Plan focus is on a comprehensive review of assessment and evaluation practices to ensure they create a clear and accurate reflection of student understanding and identify potential areas of need, which then lead to targeted interventions as necessary.  Staff continue working collaboratively, within departments, to expand assessment strategies in order to provide a balance of observations, conversations, and products from students.  This comprehensive review of information will help staff provide specific and meaningful feedback to students as they seek to improve their skills and performance.  Staff also continue to look for ways to adapt technology at the point of instruction.  The focus this year is on using technology as a vehicle for creating collaborative assessment opportunities.   This gives students an opportunity to share ideas and create work together in a digital environment towards the creation of a final goal or assignment.  Specifically, staff are looking at the practical application of Google Slides and Wevideo as a way to enhance student communication and collaboration skills.